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kfNgram is a free stand-alone Windows program for linguistic research which generates lists of n-grams in text and HTML files. Here n-gram is understood as a sequence of either n words, where n can be any positive integer, also known as lexical bundles, chains, wordgrams, and, in WordSmith, clusters, or else of n characters, also known as chargrams. When not further specified here, n-gram refers to wordgrams. kfNgram also produces and displays lists of "phrase-frames", i.e. groups of wordgrams identical but for a single word.

kfNgram features an intuitive graphic user interface and offers numerous options. Since the program continues to evolve, user suggestions and feedback to the developer are vigorously encouraged. Features and details of implementation are subject to change. While no registration is required to download and use kfNgram...

The configuration file kfNgram.cfg included in the download only has predefined character mapping for the Latin 1 character set. Other character sets can be defined in the configuration file. There is also a version of the configuration file for UTF-8 files as on WebAsCorpus.orgclick to see / hide details

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Author William H. Fletcher
Version 29 August 2012
URL http://kwicfinder.com/kfNgram/kfNgramHelp.html