Teaching and Language Corpora
Bertinoro Italy
25-31 July 2002

Pictures & Video Clips

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Talk is cheap, they say, but to the participants, memories of TaLC are precious. Some of these memories are captured in this unsystematic and uncensored collection of pictures snapped by Bill Fletcher during the 2002 Teaching and Language Corpora conference organized by Guy Aston cum suis in Bertinoro Italy.

Academic Program

Taken almost as an afterthought when it dawned on me that all good things really do come to an end.


Like words, corpus linguists are known by the company they keep. These photos offer haphazard glimpses of both familiar and random collocations.  No attempt was made to detect or document colligations.


Without context, language is meaningless, as is life itself. The context of Bertinoro and surroundings added special meaning to our lives that week.

Video Clips

From the Festa dell'Unit. All right, they're blurry and jerky, they've got tinny sound, but still they are not too shabby for a pocketable camera sold mainly for still pictures (FujiFilm Finepix 4700).  Requires Windows Media Player.

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Paul Thompson, University of Reading

Pictures from Ute Rmer, University of Cologne

Pictures from Priscilla Tosqui, So Paulo

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All Large-Format (1280 x 960) photos in zip files by category

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Academic (2.5 MB)

Collocations Part 1 (7 MB)

Collocations Part 2 (8 MB)

Context (6.5 MB)

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